Rocky Mountain Steam Trains


Everyone, we have some Bad news & we have some Good news.

The Bad news first:
We are not going to be allowed to construct this concession in Fort Worth.   I am telling you all this so the few of you that were willing to stick your necks out and write letters etc. can save your efforts.

Now for the Good news:
All your support has not been in vein, we were successful, just not in Fort Worth!

It was all the great supporters, who signed the guestbook, wrote letters to the city and did such a great job of supporting us that got this project recognized. 

When this railroad is finally up and running we are going to have a "support group appreciation day" and our supporters who put there pencils where their mouths were and wrote out their letters and emails are going to get the keys to the railroad for a day.  No paid attendance that day, its free admission and only our supporters are invited!   How is that for a thank you?    Those of you that have not written anything get with it and sign the guestbook and leave some well thought out comments or you will miss out.

There will only be one railroad like this in the entire state of Texas, and we are working on deciding the best location and the friendliest city staff right now.   The city staff who clearly wants to make this railroad the greatest success it can be for their city and for the entire state is the city that will end up with this great railroad.

Keep checking this page, as we will tell you the new location just as soon as we can!